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Wireless/Wired Networking Solution

Today In this technologically advanced era of living , with very few exceptions, the wireless world has reached parity with its wired counterpart, both in terms of capabilities and cost, most of the time it is more economical than the wired counterpart making a wireless solution a no-brainer, but in few scenarios wired networks are still used (corporate environments and such)

Wireless for home users and work-at-home professionals:

  • As we see it in our day to day life more and more gadgets use, need and can be controlled by wireless networks so we use take that broadband connection your using and free yourself from your desktop so you can be sitting in any part of your house, laying in your bed, relaxing in your spa or Sitting in your yard on a sunny afternoon and still keep you connected to the things that matter to you most. While not compromising on productivity.
  • Most business such as coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and public areas ...the list is endless, now offer free wireless internet connection also called as WIFI so you are still connected to your home or business and monitor most of the aspects which can give you a peace of mind. Welcome to today's wireless reality, the lifestyle of the liberated
  • Today's solutions for the home will work with existing broadband routers and/or network hubs or we can upgrade them to more robust and redundant wireless networks depending on the range and speed of connectivity needed to suit your needs.

Wireless and wired solutions for small business and small business networks:

  • There are many options in wireless systems .A corporate environment or a public environment such as hotels, casinos, restaurants, religious organizations, sports bars, nightclubs and such, there are hundreds of users using internet. How many times you have been to a place or own a place where internet connectivity is a issue or hassle to you or to your customers. We have solutions to meets all their needs whether they use PCs or Macs, or a combination of the two, wireless works seamlessly between Macs and PCs using connectivity standards and protocols
  • No more hassles when we are here to help you run your business or organization with our robust, redundant network solution and 24/7 guest support services so you can be more productive and make your business more efficient and competitive.