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Complete Energy Management Solutions

And yes we mean it when we use the word complete and you will know why. Let us give you some examples first where it can be done: In commercial office buildings, hotels and resorts, college campuses, hospitals, convention centres and modern homes.

Our climate control products, home automation and building control systems, providing the ultimate benefits in energy conservation and cost savings and the best part is you can conveniently control and monitor the HVAC from keypads, touch panels and personal devises. Our sophisticated thermostats and a variety of occupancy and light sensors allow ultra-efficient and automated temperature management and monitoring, promote daylight harvesting, lower utility costs and keep your home or building at its greenest.

Green and sustainability efforts are much more complex than you think but we are here to make those complex issues into a simple user friendly solution to our clients. It is just not only about controlling lights or controlling your temperature by thermostats, meaningful energy reduction to utility cost cutting can only be achieved with integration all the systems you need to control into a single intelligent solution.

Our solutions for home:

We can customize every aspect of your house to your needs .How often you are busy rushing to do the things you need to do.... most of the time... so we can give you a single solution where you can turn off the systems you don't need while you're not at home or the same solutions can also turn on the systems when you need them even without being home. The possibilities are endless, tell us your needs or let us show you our solution where you can mange you energy usage more efficiently without compromising on luxury.

Our solution for Enterprise energy management and monitoring:

We can eliminate the inefficiencies and inconvenience of monitoring the many disparate systems in buildings, each with its own management software through seamless integration with our robust control systems, commercial lighting systems, connects every room and every building. You can manage, monitor, and schedule every environmental and audio/video system from any touch screen, web browser, or smart device for peak performance and optimal energy savings.

Solution can be as simple as turning of all the bathroom lights if no motion is detected and turning them on when motion is detected to complex integration on our part like when a meeting is scheduled our solution can enables you to automatically "wake up" the room prior to the start of a presentation. After the meeting, our occupancy sensors detect when a room is vacant and automatically powers down energy-consuming devices.

Coming to monitoring we can provide you with software's which are keeping you informed the status of each room in real time or graphically view precise lighting levels, temperature, and shade positions from any touch screen or web-enabled device. Track current and historical energy consumption and intelligently manage room resources. Monitor the power grid and renewable energy sources, and automatically draw from the most cost-effective source. That's an intelligent solution and that's what we are capable of doing.