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Audio Video Distribution & Surround Sound

Enjoy music, movies, TV, Internet - experience multimedia digital entertainment like never before.

Audio Video Distribution & Surround Sound technology delivers a flawless visual and listening experience for the most entertainment desires. True high definition digital video and audio, Feel the high definition surround sound as it invites you to be a part of the plot. Select your favorite music from your library and distribute it throughout the home in perfect harmony. A quality system requires many hours of system design and planning which we excel at.

Distributed Audio/video

  • As the name suggests distributing audio and video through out your home or facility using a single or multiple source points. We can distribute your entire collections of songs and videos from your collection, internet radio, mp3 players etc. With today's technology we can customize it to your needs and to make your experience more easy and refined you can control these systems with touch display (including your personal devises), keypads and remote controls.
  • Distributed audio can be customized in a few different ways for entertainment purposes for parties, dancing etc, for background listening- which can play in the background when you are doing your day to day activities and in many different ways in different kind of rooms. Similarly the video systems can be customized
  • The main idea is to get the audio and video that you want in the room you want with easy to use controls from a single point, it can be done in any room of your house to any commercial settings. As authorized dealer for many products suiting your budget and need we can ensure that all products are of high quality, good warranty and with best support. We look forward to give you best products and services with honesty, Contact us today
  • Distributed Audio and Video systems can be used in homes hotels, restaurants, sports bars, nightclubs, lobby, spa and gift shops, offices, ballrooms and more...